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Delegate Decision-Making Authority with a Power of Attorney

Sudden illness or injury can leave anyone incapacitated. Or, the infirmities of age can compromise a senior’s ability to cognitively function independently. Under such circumstances, concerned loved ones may feel compelled to act but lack the legal authority. To protect your loved ones, you need legal authority to make financial decisions with a Power of Attorney. 

In Florida, a Power of Attorney (POA) is a vital legal tool that allows you to designate a trusted individual to act on your behalf. Whether traveling, facing an extended absence or illness, or simply wanting assistance, a Power of Attorney provides peace of mind and protects your interests. 

Comprehensive Power of Attorney Services

At Every & Stack, our experienced legal team can help draft and execute a Power of Attorney to grant a trusted person legal authority to act on your behalf. We work closely with you to evaluate each area where a power of attorney is advisable to provide comprehensive coverage for any foreseeable emergency. These binding legal documents empower an agent to conduct financial transactions for an individual or business owner, for banking, selling property, filing taxes, or other challenges.

Tailored Power of Attorney Solutions

A Power of Attorney can be customized to meet your unique needs, granting broad or limited authority as necessary. Several types of Power of Attorney documents are available, and our skilled attorney can guide you in devising contingency plans that consider the specific factors affecting you and your loved ones. 

Who Needs a Power of Attorney?

  • Seniors: Older adults may benefit from a trusted loved one overseeing their financial affairs, especially if they have financial assets like stocks, bonds, or royalties that require management. Having someone oversee finances can provide security and protection against potential scams.
  • Small Business Owners: Small business owners often have a central role in the daily operations of their companies. A Power of Attorney allows them to designate a trusted individual to act on their behalf If they are temporarily or permanently unavailable due to travel, illness, or other commitments,. It ensures that critical business decisions are made and transactions can proceed without interruption.
  • Military Personnel:  Deployments can pose challenges in managing financial and legal affairs back home. Military personnel can be deployed to locations worldwide, sometimes on short notice. A  Power of Attorney empowers an individual to represent their interests and make decisions.
  • Students Studying Abroad: Students may need someone to manage their financial accounts, investments, or assets in their home state. A Power of Attorney authorizes a designated person to handle these responsibilities and family-related matters.
  • Young Adults:  Life is unpredictable. Accidents and illnesses can strike at any time, regardless of age. In addition, a Power of Attorney can enable a parent of a child over 18 to pay their tuition or other bills, access their bank accounts, or assist in any other financial matters. 

Sensitive Counsel with Reluctant Seniors

Talking to a senior loved one about the need for Power of Attorney documents can be difficult. At Every & Stack, we are familiar with addressing these delicate conversations and can provide guidance on effective ways to broach the subject with your elder loved ones.

Reach out to Every & Stack for Peace of Mind

A well-drafted Power of Attorney offers peace of mind during difficult times. To protect your loved ones and ensure financial security, schedule a consultation with Every & Stack today. Call Every & Stack at 386-255-1925 or contact us online to schedule a FREE initial consultation at our Daytona Beach, Florida office. We represent clients throughout Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Flagler County, and Volusia County, Florida.

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